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A Life In Colours

Project: Manila - Olandes Marikina 2

Year 2017

Artist: Joe A. Sison

Joe is seven years old and has six siblings. She is the younger sister of Jeymee. Her best friend is Rhojan because she likes to play with her the most. One o’clock in the afternoon is her favorite time of day, since this is the time for siesta. Sometimes she helps her mother around the house and does the dishes. Joe liked to photograph pretty houses the most. It is her dream to visit other places and to work there as a nanny.
The household, in which Joe grows up in, is unfortunately a burden for her and her siblings. Joe, just like her sister Jeymee, has no birth certificate, which makes the road toward establishing a better future even harder.

Artist Interview



297 x 420 mm (DIN A3)

Posters are on 250g paper and with information about the Kid and it's artwork.


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