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A Life In Colours

Project: Manila - Olandes Marikina 2

Year 2017

Artist: Justin James D. Beltran

Justin is six years old and has five siblings. His siblings are often found helping around the house. His best friend is Grinmar, who helps him with school work. Justin’s favorite time of the day is the morning because this is when school begins. When he is older, he hopes to become a police officer so he can help others.
The house of Justin’s family is dilapidated. The floors are full of so many holes that the children must be careful not to injure themselves while playing. Justin is a cheerful child, who gets along very well with his mother and siblings.

Artist Interview



297 x 420 mm (DIN A3)

Posters are on 250g paper and with information about the Kid and it's artwork.


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