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A Life In Colours

Project: Manila - Olandes Marikina 2

Year 2017

Artist: Spyke A. Reyes

Spyke is seven years old and lives with his grandmother. He has three sisters and is the youngest. Juliet is his best friend because she is always nice to him. She is nine years old and his neighbour. Spyke likes to read comics and books. His favorite motifs were of people on the street. His dream is to become a police officer and to catch the bad guys.
Spyke’s father spent a lot of time in prison, thus forcing him, together with his three sisters, to live with their grandmother. Although their aunt financially supports all four of them, the risk of being pulled out of school at any moment remains very real due to the unstable financial circumstances.

Artist Interview



297 x 420 mm (DIN A3)

Posters are on 250g paper and with information about the Kid and it's artwork.


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