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10 EUR

Hidden Places

Project: Manila - Olandes Marikina 3

Year 2018

Artist: Geraldine P. Castano, 7

Geraldine‘s family has inherited a home from their grandparents, it houses four families and a lot of children - there is always something going on. She has six siblings and is the youngest in her family. Her father works as a tricyclist and her mother operates a market stall. Still money is not enough to secure the education of the children. Geraldine often helps in the household, but of course she prefers playing with her dolls and her girlfriend Angelica. When she is bigger, she wants to become a teacher and support her family.

Artist Interview



297 x 420 mm (DIN A3)

Posters are on 250g paper and with information about the Kid and it's artwork.


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